Independent financial analysts

Improve your financial culture and your performances
Invest and trading better by reading our analysis on the financial markets

We support your investment and trading decisions

We are a network of financial analysts specialized in technical, fundamental, behavioral and macroeconomic analysis

Objective reports

We carry out rigorous and objective analyzes on the financial markets, without any kind of conflict of interest


A team with years of experience in Universities, research centers of the banking industry, international finance and asset management

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Periodic reports

We publish and send reports and newsletters with precise analysis of the markets from a technical, fundamental and intermarket point of view

Together with Nexit you will move on the markets in a conscious way

Our market analyzes guarantee financial informations in line with your investment goals. Obtain periodically new report to invest in a conscious way on the financial markets

Analysis that generate financial culture and profits

We send you reports with timely and selective analysis and informations

The markets at your finger

We help you learn the basics and techniques of the markets and to deepen the financial information necessary for your investments and your trading.
We provide analysis aimed at giving answers to your doubts on market trends, in the current economic and financial context.
We constantly monitor the main asset classes.
We send our reports with different frequency

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Reducing information asymmetries means investing and trading in line with market trends

Reading our reports means having a greater financial culture and being able to understand the background scenario of the financial markets and the factors that drive the trend.

The chart represents the annual return% (on year-end and total return values) of the S&P500. Having more financial education means reducing timing risk and volatility.

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Simple, concrete and precise

Our reports are easy to read. They are designed to be understood also by those who have little experience on the markets and a minimum financial education. We propose a selection of informations, data and statistics from reliable sources.

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Four steps to start now to receive our technical and macroeconomic analyzes on the main financial markets

What are the ASSETs on which you wish to stay updated?

This is an initial check-up. Together we identify the markets and assets on which you invest and wish to receive periodic analysis.

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Which report you should to subscribe to make informed investment decisions?

Together we define the type of report most appropriate to your investment objectives, taking into account the following elements:


How often do you want to receive our analysis?

Asset Class

On which financial markets and assets you want to be informed

Complexity of information

A degree of complexity of content appropriate to your level of financial education

Read your report and invest your money

Receive your report based on your chosen subscription plan. You will receive our analysis by e-mail and Telegram , which will allow you to oversee the markets, understanding the trends and the intermarket dynamics.

Invest your savings and trade

Continue to buy financial instruments directly from your bank, your broker or your financial advisor

Constant monitoring of assets class

Check the performance of your chosen assets, periodically get new analyzes, increase your skills and keep your portfolio in line with market scenarios

Evaluation of your financial knowledge

Check your financial skills and get your goals

Action and Rebalancing

Take prompt action on the composition of your portfolio in the event of market changes

Method and awareness

Manage your investments methodically and consciously

We are always by your side

You can talk directly with our Research Department and our Analysts via telephone, email or chat, in a simple and fast way. A constant support for reliable information on the markets.

The benefits of receiving independent market analysis

Our reports are free of any conflict of interest

You can manage your portfolio with a clearer view of the markets

Our analysis helps you make the most appropriate investment decisions every week. Knowing to invest and trade better

Involvement and sharing

We will guide you through the markets through reliable research and analysis. We will share with you the contents of our reports, allowing you to increase your awareness and your financial culture


We want to offer you rigorous and objective analyzes of the financial markets. We don’t just want to give you buy or sell signals. We don’t solicit the subscription of investment services, the purchase of particular securities or financial assets of any kind

High specialization and competence

We constantly monitor the financial markets. We use internally developed models that allow us to understand stock market trends and the correlations between different asset classes